Challenge Open: November 27 
Deadline: December 3, 11:59PM ET  
Exhibition: December 5-6


Space Today needs radical creativity for an equal, sustainable, and post-COVID future.  Our collective consciousness is shifting. And space has an enormous potential to contribute to a systemic change. 

We invite you to propose an art installation that inspires the society to help heal America(s). 

The proposal should address at least one of the following areas: equality, sustainability, and post COVID.

Your submission will be exhibited at Design Miami/.

Let’s envision our Space Tomorrow.
One space at a time.

1. Choose your medium

There are two ways you can participate. You may pick one or both!

3D Renderings + Model will showcase spatial concepts.

Video Content will be made into an immersive projection mapping. 

2. Submit your work by Dec 3  

To be considered for exhibition, please follow the guideline below: 

3D Renderings + Model
  • Design within 12 ft x 12 ft.
  • Required: one to three renderings, either image or video (JPG or MP4, 1080 px H x 1920 px W, 10MB max each)
  • Bonus! One 3D model uploaded onto Sketchfab. The process is simple: follow the steps in our guide.

Video Content
  • Design for a circular projection mapping. 
  • Required: one video content (MP4 and H264 codec, 1080 px H x 1920 px W, 200MB max each)
  • This circle mask is for your reference only of what will be projected.
  • Up to 60 seconds

3. Exhibit at Design Miami/

This is not a competition!  

All entries that meet the submission guideline will be exhibited at Design Miami/ on December 5-6!

3D Renderings + Model will be shown in our Envision space in a virtual gallery. 

Video content will be mapped onto a 12’ x 12’ circular overhead projection in our Immerse installation.

December 3, 11:59 PM ET

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