FAQ for Healing America(s)

How are the image rendering submissions shown in the Envision space?
Image submissions will be exhibited inside an immersive webVR gallery designed by School of Space. Guests will experience using a VR headset. 

How are the 3D model submissions shown in the Envision space?
3D models uploaded onto Sketchfab will be experienced as a webVR inside a VR headset.  Guests will experience using a VR headset.

How are the video content submissions shown in the Immerse space?
Video content will be part of a multisensory installation and mapped onto a circular overhead projection. 

Can I still submit if I am not American?  
Absolutely! International perspectives are welcome.

What do we want people to “feel” in the space?
Up to you! Your installation may induce healing by being in it, raise awareness for the issues/people needing healing, or anything else you can think of related to help healing America(s). 

Are group submissions accepted? 

Where can I ask questions or get feedback? 
DM School of Space on Instagram 
Join the School of Space Discord! https://discord.gg/7FrfMdWT 

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